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I know this may make me a nerd [insert joke here], but I love typing tests!

There are umpteen-million online typing tests available, but I’ve found a few I really like. Your students will like them too, so be sure to check them out!

10 Fast Fingers Speedtest – This site uses the most used words in the English language to test how fast a person types. It’s a very simple interface – free of any distracting dancing monkeys or silliness. Another real attraction of this site is the ability to test your speed in nearly 50 different languages. (FYI – I type WAY slower in German than I do in English!)

Typing Online – 
This simple site provides a paragraph (with lots of punctuation!). You do have to click the Start Timer and Stop Timer button on your own (which I’m sure shaves off hundredths of a second of my time), but the result is easy and clear to read – it tells you your words per minute, then shows any mistakes that were made. When you’re ready to try again, just click the New Speed Test button. This site offers good general keyboarding information and a variety of lessons that would be great to use with students.

Learning Games for Kids : Typing Speed Test
– Kids seem to like this site – it’s colorful, each keystroke makes a sound (yay for headphones!!!), and it definitely looks more game-like. If your students aren’t actually ready for the speed test yet, scroll down – there are lots of fun keyboarding lessons. Call them “games” instead of “lessons” and your kids will love them!
The one thing I really didn’t like about this was that if you made a mistake, you could not back up and fix it. You just had to keep going from there. Although kids would probably be fine with that, it caused me to make multiple mistakes all at once before finally getting back on track. 
Although the main topic of this post has been about Typing TESTS, there are a lot of excellent keyboarding sites available to students that introduce and reinforce good keyboarding skills. Some of my favorites are:

Dance Mat Typing
Typing Defense: Defend the Earth with your Keyboard!
Keyman – Similar to Pacman, but WAY harder! 
Super Hyper Spider Typer! – definitely a favorite of our younger students!

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