Tech Tip Tuesday … Pinterest!

Today’s post is so exciting that it should probably come with strongly worded warning about possible probable addiction issues!

You may have already heard about Pinterest. If not …
where you have you been? 

Anyway … I think of Pinterest as a virtual bulletin board where you can “pin” things (images) that “interest” you. Pinboards help you gather and organize all kinds of fantastical ideas. The BEST thing about Pinterest is that these pins link back to the original source. That means you don’t have to keep track of those website URLs anymore – just click on your pin and it will take you to all of the information!

I will admit that the first several months that I’ve been “pinning”, I have focused on craft projects, recipes, decorating ideas, funny sayings, and more. Unfortunately, I have run across a few inappropriate pins too, so I wouldn’t necessarily use this with students. Recently though, there has been a growing number of educational pins on Pinterest which makes it the perfect place to get classroom ideas, teaching resources, and more.

I’ve created a new professional Pinterest account that is set up with boards including General Classroom Ideas, Classroom Management, Techtastic Project Ideas, and Blogtastic! (which currently has pins for 30+ educational blogs). You can find and follow my professional Pinterest page at

Because I knew I would be sharing this on the blog, I created a professional account. If you already have a Pinterest account, I don’t think it’s necessary for you to create a new account. You can just create new pinboards for your classroom ideas. In fact, you probably already have!

You do not need an account to look around and gather ideas. You will only need an account if you want to create your own pinboards and start pinning ideas. If you are interested in creating an account, you can “Request an Invite” on Pinterest or just ask an existing Pinterest user to invite you. I’ll be happy to invite you – just send me your email address. You will need a Facebook or Twitter account when you sign up.

Here are a few of my favorite Educational Pinners/Pinboards: – really good MS & HS science ideas and links!

Please leave your pinterest link (or others) in a comment below if you’ve got Educational resources to share. I’m looking forward to following some of you!

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3 comments on “Tech Tip Tuesday … Pinterest!

  1. The BEST thing about Pinterest is that these pins link back to the original source…..I also loved that if someone else had a great pin it would take you to the original source. Not so anymore. I am really upset that you can’t go to the original source but backtrack through all the previous pinners. Who has time for that? I think this is a major mistake on their part.

  2. I agree Pam! I love it when it links back to the original source. I have noticed a few link back to a previous pinner. I wonder though if those are from people who use the pin-it tool on that page rather than “re-pinning”. It’s something I’ll be watching for! Thanks for the comment. =)

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