Email Signatures

One popular topic in our district these days (or will be soon!) is how to create email signatures. I’ve created a couple of {short} videos to walk you through these simple steps.

Creating an Email Signature in Outlook 2010

Creating an Email Signature in the Outlook Web App
If you access your email by logging in at or by using the link on the Employees page of the district website, you are using the Outlook Web App. This video is for you:
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Signature Image

3 comments on “Email Signatures

  1. Hi!!! I have created a signature in both already but my problem is they do not show up when replying to an e-mail. Is this covered somewhere?? Or did I miss it?

  2. Hi Mary, Good question!

    In Outlook Web App, my signature appears on every email I send (new emails or replies).

    In Outlook 2010, you can designate when you want your signature to appear. When you go into the Signature settings, there are 3 drop-down fields in the upper right corner. The first chooses the email account you are using. The second and third drop-downs allow you to select a signature for your New Messages and for your Replies/Forwards. Be sure you have designated a signature in that third drop-down if you want that to happen automatically.

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