Do You Kahoot?

Kahoot! is a game-based classroom response system that’s sure to increase the engagement and excitement in any classroom!


After you’ve created a {FREE} account, you can start creating your first Kahoot right away. The simple ‘drag & drop’ interface allows you to build quizzes with (or without) images or video. (Psssssst …. there’s also lots of public content you can use as well!)

game pinWhen you launch the Kahoot, just display the unique Game Pin on the screen at the front of the room. Students can use any device with a web browser (including a computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone, Chromebook, etc.) to join the Kahoot. As soon as they are in, their name will appear on the screen (oh, and by the way, Kahoot now gives a way to kick out any smart-aleck-bratty-brats that think it’s funny to join with a naughty name!)

kahootdevicesAs soon as everyone is in, start the first question! Students play against each other and earn points based on whether or not they answer correctly (duh!) and on how fast they submit their answer! You can see the top five points-earners after each question.  When you’re finished, you can see results right away or download them for later (need a quick grade for a quiz, anyone???)

This fun video shows a room FULL of fifth graders using a variety of devices to Kahoot!

Convinced??? Get your Kahoot account here!

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