Summer To Do List: Relax

catrelaxThis is the first official week of summer for me. {{{YAY!}}} My to-do list is a mile long and growing (I’m one of those people that adds things to it that I’ve already accomplished just so I can cross it off!) One of the things that should be on everyone’s Summer To-List is to simply relax.

Whether you’re enjoying summer break or just need to take a 2 minute time out during your day, check out these online tools to help you relax:

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes is a simple site. It’s a calming ocean picture with the sounds of waves crashing over and over. Your only goal here is to relax for two minutes. That means you can’t touch the mouse or the keyboard. For two minutes. Sounds simple, right? Can you do it?

Calm – wow, this site really impressed me. You can choose from 2, 5, 10, or 20 minutes of “guided relaxation.” You can even select from a variety of relaxing images and soundtracks (ocean waves, falling rain, singing birds, etc.) There’s even an iPhone app, if you need to relax a little while on the go!

I love the rain. Rain For Me is simple enough. Just listen to rain alone or with another song. The natural, relaxing sound of rain can make great music even more enjoyable. 

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