Magnetic Poetry

You’ve probably seen or even played with a set of Magnetic Poetry … right?
There’s a fun story about how Dave Kapell, the founder of Magnetic Poetry, came up with this fun idea (let’s just say writers block + allergies = fun!) You can read the full story here.

And while the actual magnetic poetry is super cool, there’s a virtual version of that allows students (or any wanna be poets!) to create poems and share them with others.

Click here to access all six of the Online sets (Original, Mustache, Nature, Poet, Geek, and Love) or here to access the two sets identified as “family-friendly” (Nature and Geek). Be aware that whichever set they select will give them links to allsix sets at the top of the page. *I did scroll through the word lists for most of the kits and didn’t see anything terribly offensive, but you might want to take a look before turning your kids loose with it!

Each board starts with a set of words. You can get more words or start over with a simple click of a button. Students will drag the words around and drop them anywhere in the window to create their poem. When the poem is finished, they can be share their work on Facebook or via email.

Have your students used this tool? Have you created a class poem?

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