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FOLLOW-UP about Photos for Class

followupI have received several comments (in person and via email, etc.) from fellow educators since yesterday’s post about Photos for Class. It seems that teachers have been looking for safe searching sites and are pleased to be able to use this one!

If you know of other resources for “safe images” for student use, please add them in the comments below!

Even though this is a great resource, it is important that we still monitor student use. Photos for Class tries very hard to make sure no inappropriate images slip by, but NOTHING is 100% foolproof. I’ve copied/pasted some information from their “About” page below.

Personally, I love the fact that if you search for “naughty words,” you get search results for “adorable puppies.” I wouldn’t point that out to my students, because I don’t want to encourage them to try “naughtier words,” but I still like it!

From Photos for Class

Our Beliefs

At Clever Prototypes we firmly believe in freedom of speech and a completely open internet. We also believe there is a right and wrong place for certain content and that in a school setting, especially elementary school, a lot of content is not appropriate.

Specifically, we are concerned with doing our best to minimize exposure to scantily clad men and women and racially offensive material. At a personal level, while working on Storyboard That our team spends a lot of time researching time periods and costumes. It can be frustrating being constantly barraged with either (usually both) half naked women and hateful racial imagery.

We are less concerned with imagery of alcohol, drugs and violence since the user is typically specifically looking for that content and it is not accidentally shown, and can also be the focus of educational papers.

How Our Filtering Works

We use a four step filtering system that grows stronger as our community helps us.

  1. Flickr has done an amazing job pre-filtering content as “globally safe for all ages” – you can read more at
  2. We ban certain search terms that contain restricted words like Sexy (example sexy outfit, sexy lady, etc.)
  3. We ban certain keywords but only if used by themselves. For example we won’t let you search for butt, but you can search for butter.
  4. Our community reports images as inappropriate and if we agree we will remove it from our searchable content

Again, if you know of other resources for “safe images” for student use, please add them in the comments below!

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Fourth of July Printables

4th-of-July-PrintableWhat is a PRINTABLE? How can you use one?

Well … simply state, a Printable is a graphic design (that usually contains text) that’s downloadable. The easiest thing to do is to print them and hang them on a bulletin board or refrigerator. I have a fun frame (50% off at Michael’s rocks!) that I use to display seasonal printables throughout the year. Others even use them as the desktop wallpaper on their computers.

This week we celebrate Independence Day, so I’m sharing a few of my favorite Fourth of July Printables. Click the links below to visit the original posts to access the downloads.

Ok, this list could go on and on (and on and on), but I’ll make myself stop now. However, I have just added a 4th of July Printables board on my Pinterest page. Be sure you check it out. It has links to all of these printables and lots (LOTS) more.

Follow Cindy’s board 4th of July Printables on Pinterest.


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