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Nonfiction “Listen & Read” from National Geographic

Check out these excellent “Listen & Read” nonfiction stories from National Geographic. (Click the link at the bottom of the page to access even more issues!)


You can access lots of great content by clicking the For Teachers button for the desired issue. Most issues offer a “projectable edition” that’s perfect for full class participation on your big screen!

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Too Many Tabs

If your internet browser ever looks like mine does (yikes … and THIS is only half of my screen … seriously???), then you don’t want to miss this post.




Not only is this too overwhelming for my brain, but it’s also a drain on my computer resources! Everything slows down and I run the risk of seeing that “Ah, snap … something went wrong here” message.

Add OneTab to Google Chrome or Firefox, and you can easily convert all of your open tabs into a single list. When you need them, you can restore them individually or all at once.

OneTabThere’s no sign-up or registration required. In about 3 seconds flat, I had installed OneTab and clicked it. Now I have one open tab (the one I was on at the time) and a second tab with a link of each of my other tabs. Yes, all 24 of them. I may have a problem.

I can click to restore whichever tab I want, or all of them at once. Easy Peasy!





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