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You Can Quote Me …

QuozioQuozio is a simple and quick way to make beautiful images with famous (or not-yet-famous) quotes. Just visit and enter your quote, author, and hit Go. If you don’t like the first image, click through a variety of other designs until you find the perfect one.


You can share it via social media with a simple click, or save it to your computer to use later.

Remember, you’re not limited to just “famous” quotes. How about letting your students create images of their own statements.

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quizizzforblogIf you’re looking for a fun way to conduct student-paced formative assessments, then you MUST check out Quizizz.

It’s similar to Kahoot, in that teachers (or even students!) create or choose a quiz. Students or participants can use any type of internet-enabled device (tablet, computer, smartphone) to join the quiz with a five digit code.

Quizizz offers some unique features that I really like:

  • Quizizz is student paced, which can be less stressful for participants. This also means there’s no waiting time between questions for the rest of the class to catch up.
  • Quiz questions and answers appear on the individual student devices, rather than one the screen in the classroom.
  • Quizizz games have a “homework” option, allowing a teacher to keep a quiz open for up to two weeks. Students can complete the quiz at any point, but teachers can see real-time results any time.
  • There are plenty of quiz settings that are easy to use (jumbling questions, jumbling answers, showing the leaderboard between questions, showing memes*, and more.)
  • MEMES … By default, Quizizz will show a funny meme between each question. If your class “just can’t handle it,” you can turn this feature off. The most recent update is that teachers can upload their own memes now … imagine creating some with pictures of teachers or administrators on your campus. That would be fun!

Check out this short presentation explaining some of the features of Quizizz:

Quizizz Presentation from Quizizz

There are LOTS of great tutorials and blog posts about Quizizz, but these are a few of my favorites …

Have you used Quizizz in your classroom? What do you like best about it?

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