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Office 365 Guide

O365WheelWe’ve been an Office 365 school district for years, but let’s face it. Most of us pretty much think of Office 365 as our “email.” Some realize there’s a calendar component that can really help us stay on track with meetings and appointments. And others have tapped into the powerful cloud storage called OneDrive for Business.

But I don’t know if any of us (even those of us in Technology & Instructional Technology) really use the O365 tools to the¬†fullest potential. This infographic and article do a great job of reminding us of (or even introducing us to) some powerful Office 365 tools.

What's in Office 365 infographic

Crafted by: Sharegate, The SIMPLEST Office 365 and SharePoint Security & Management tool suite.


My go-to Office 365 tools are OneNote, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, and of course … Outlook (email) and calendar. What are yours? What tool would you like to learn more about?


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Office Mix

Everyone pretty much knows that¬†PowerPoint is a great tool to create “slide show” type presentations. And of course, you can add those snazzy transitions and animations (but please, try to control yourself!)

Office MixOffice Mix is a new add-in for PowerPoint 2013 that allows you to turn your PowerPoints into interactive online lessons or presentations. If your participants are required to sign in to view the Mix, you will have access to some powerful analytics. You can see how long each person spent watching your presentation or even each individual slide. WOW.

1. Download and Install Office Mix.

2. Open PowerPoint, and you will see a new MIX tab. I suggest you open an existing PowerPoint so you can start “mixing” right away. If you open a new document, add a few slides of content first.

NOTE: The first time you open PowerPoint after installing Office Mix, a really informative presentation will open. Flip through the slides to see all of the cool things you can do with Office Mix.

3. Start Mixing!

When you finish your first Mix, click the Upload to Mix button and complete the sign-in process. (If you’re an EM-S ISD employee, be sure to use the Organizational Account to sign up. Sign in with your Office 365 email address and password.) Once it’s uploaded, you can share it out with others right away!

This Mix walks you through the process, start-to-finish, to create your first Mix.

You’re going to love mixing, so download the Office Mix add-in today!

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